Welcome to CoxRefuge.net

Our New Home


I'll try to keep this story short...for years I've been [email protected].  I thought it was a pretty cool email address considering that I am not affiliated with Cox Communications at all other than as a customer.  That was in the Tidewater area of Virginia where Cox is the dominant cable company.  I have since relocated to the Atlanta, GA area where Cox service is rare.  So I have to give up my cool email address before too much longer.  I wanted to have an address that I could take with me, no matter where I was.  Thus was born CoxRefuge.net, this humble site that you happened upon.  Why refuge?  Years ago my Mom and Dad built a house on Lake Hartwell in Hartwell, GA.  For as long as I can remember, we called that house "The Refuge" to the point where when we would send a package to Mom there, it would be addressed to "Mom at The Refuge".  The Refuge is gone now, but this site will provide a refuge of sorts...at least a place where we of the Cox clan can have a non-changing email address.

This is our Bounder beside our home in Virginia.  It's significant right now because I'm living in the Bounder in an RV park in Marietta, GA while my family is living in the house in Virginia.  I spend most of my time working or house hunting (or caught up in the Atlanta traffic).  Hopefully, the right house will come along soon and the family can join me there.

Obviously, this is a very basic website and my effort is just to get something up (anything!).  You have every right to expect it to be a little better each time you come to it.